10 Things I’ve Learnt About Being A Woman

  1. I will never please everyone so my best bet is pleasing myself
  2. Other women are sometimes my critics too. Don’t expect sisterhood from everyone with a vagina
  3. Men often have views about things that don’t concern them like childbirth and periods. Ignore them
  4. Standing up for myself doesn’t make me a Bitch. I won’t be shamed or pushed into a corner
  5. Prioritising my needs and wellbeing strengthens me and therefore benefits my children. I’m not neglecting them I’m nourishing myself so I can nurture them
  6. Not to regret anything. Every decision good, bad or indifferent produced the person I am today and gave me 2 beautiful children I wouldn’t change a minute of it
  7. Crying doesn’t make me weak it’s a natural way to get rid of negativity and purge bad vibes. Imma cry me a river!
  8. It’s ok to change my mind or point of view it’s how we evolve. People who expect me to stay static will be disappointed
  9. I’m as much of a failure as I am a success it’s how I learn. #FailFast
  10. I’m a perfect version of myself. I make mistakes, I’m sometimes wrong but no one else can be me!

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