Building on her passion for helping women. Her experience of being a mother and balancing a busy career with motherhood as well as a desire to pursue entrepreneurial dreams and retain her identity, Roianne knows what it feels like to navigate and balance all these seemingly conflicting priorities.

Devised while she was preparing for the birth of her second child, this programme is uniquely developed to help new and expectant mothers to consider all their options and make plans to make both their personal lives and careers operate more smoothly.

Aptly named after the Greek Goddess of Procreation the underlying aim of this programme is to help new and expectant mothers to face this new phase of their life feeling supported and confident.

The Aphrodite Programme consists of:

  • Six virtual coaching sessions over six months
  • Access to the dedicated email helpline for coaching queries
  • A monthly newsletter tailored to your coaching journey
  • A copy of either The Cracked Cocoon or the Cracked Cocoon Principles self-help books

Session topics could include but are not limited to:

  • All about you
  • Identifying and articulating goals and aspirations
  • Baby prep and planning
  • Post-baby hopes and dreams
  • Managing difficult conversations
  • Longer term career planning
  • Confidence building
  • Personal branding and selling yourself

All programmes end with a summary and consolidation session to ensure that clients have a clear personal action plan.

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New and Expectant Mother Resources

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