If you are looking to embark on your career, considering a change or contemplating promotion, then Roianne can help you.  With over 15 years leadership and management experience which includes recruitment, interviewing and assessing readiness for promotion in both the private and public sector Roianne is well equipped to help you to consider your next career steps.

Roianne has also worked across various business functions including finance, project management, change, human resources and customer service providing her with a solid understanding of organisations and the skills required to enter, exit or progress.

Whether you are looking for career progression or career enhancement Roianne can help you through bespoke sessions or her unique Career Programme.

The Career Programme consists of:

  • Six virtual coaching sessions over six months
  • Access to the dedicated email helpline for coaching queries
  • A monthly newsletter tailored to your coaching journey
  • A copy of either The Cracked Cocoon or the Cracked Cocoon Principles self-help books
  • CV review and feedback document

Session topics could include but are not limited to:

  • Identifying and articulating goals and aspirations
  • Job search guidance
  • CV feedback
  • Mock interview and feedback
  • Application review
  • Personal branding and selling yourself
  • Confidence building

All programmes end with a summary and consolidation session to ensure that clients have a clear personal action plan.

To sign up for this programme complete this simple registration form and check out our simple pricing structure and latest offers here.