Firstly, I know some people will land on this page and wonder why women? For Roianne the answer is simple.  Here she tells you in her own words why she dedicates some of her time to women-specific programmes.

“I have a restless desire to change the world and an unwavering belief that I will achieve this dream.  Born in Georgetown, Guyana in a society that prioritised men over women I found my rebellious streak.  Schooled in both Guyana and the UK, being successful wasn’t a choice.  Even when I was sexually assaulted at age 19 by someone who I had met professionally, I carried on, didn’t tell and hid the pain.

But professional success hasn’t been enough.  Eventually, I found my voice as a Diversity and Inclusion expert and by finding the courage to tell people about what had happened to me.  I share my story not to seek retribution but to encourage other women to find their voices and overcome whatever barriers lay in their way.

I am unapologetic about my focus on female empowerment.  This is my purpose.”

To help deliver on this purpose Roianne has developed specific services for women.

  • The Aphrodite Coaching Programme for New and Expectant Mothers
  • Women’s Hour – Where you can send questions in by emailing Roianne or tune in live via her Facebook page to hear Roianne talk about issues affecting women or answer your questions.

Additionally, women can join the Career Development or Personal Development Programmes or book ad-hoc sessions with Roianne knowing that as a woman she understands the rewards and challenges of being a woman in the 21st century.