According to world-renowned coach Sir John Whitmore: “Coaching is unlocking people’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.”

This definition embodies Roianne’s coaching approach.  The methodology that she uses incorporates elements from many world-renowned coaches, leadership theorists, and NLP masters.  Her methodology is documented in her Cracked Cocoon Self-Help Book Series outlining the need for passion and purpose to unlock potential.

In her first book, The Cracked Cocoon, she guides you through the personal change process using her 8-step model helping navigate common emotions such as anger, acceptance, and apathy through your path to change.

Her second book The Cracked Cocoon Principles focuses on the framework required to live your fullest life and unlock your potential.  Coaching is a useful tool to give you an objective view of your current context.  A good coach will not give you the answers, but they will help and guide you to consider the range of options open to you and to think about which of those options are realistic and applicable to your life and your experiences.

To help keep you on track Roianne has also developed the Cracked Cocoon Tracker to help you to articulate your goals and monitor your progress.

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Check out some client testimonials to help you make up your mind!

Sherelle – I am someone who has an opinion on everything! I have no problem with sharing my views with close friends, colleagues, even big groups…. but ask me to present or make a speech and I want to run for the hills. As founder of the TFFLA and within my role as an Instructor Operator for London Underground I have had to get to grips with my fear of public speaking.
I recently spoke at one of my events and Roianne gave me some invaluable advice that I have used ever since. ” Be self-aware NOT self-conscious! ” this along with practical advice has helped with my confidence.
Roianne always has helpful tips, advice and draws on her wealth of experience to help your personal growth.

Allison – I received several coaching sessions from Roianne. My goal was to secure a paid role in the field of public international law. In every session, Roianne listened to what I said I wished to achieve, asked questions about my motivations, and then suggested to me simple and achievable tasks to tackle in between sessions. What I found good about Roianne’s approach was that she was a good listener and came across as non-judgemental. She knew the right questions to ask in order for me to consider carefully my motivations and the implications of each potential action, and she helped me to think more broadly about what I could achieve. I think she helped me apply a more methodical approach to goal setting and fortunately six months later I got the job I wanted.

Karun – “I had career coaching with Roianne, and it was extremely helpful. Roianne has a wealth of knowledge regarding how to approach job applications, and how to come across professionally and confidently at interview stage. She was able to answer all concerns I had and provide me with some excellent guidance regarding model interview answers. I would highly recommend Roianne’s services – your coaching experience will definitely be worth it.”