The Cracked Cocoon refers to a series of self-help workbooks that help you to assess and transform your life.  The first book The Cracked Cocoon focuses on eight steps to help you to crack your cocoon and step out of your comfort zone.

The second book, the Cracked Cocoon Principles teaches you principles of change and provides practical tools to help you to find your passion and maximise your potential.

Finally, the Cracked Cocoon Tracker helps you with accountability and goal-setting.

This page is dedicated to the resources contained in the Cracked Cocoon Principles Book.

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Resource List 

  1. The change inventory
  2. The people survey
  3. The cracked cocoon plan
  4. Cracked cocoon profit
  5. Fear factor survey
  6. Pride and praise statements
  7. Cracked cocoon certificate
  8. Self-care quiz