Daddy’s Girl

7 years ago my daddy passed away. I was numb didn’t even process it properly for months. He was my father and my friend maybe more of a friend now I reflect. Not because I didn’t respect him but because he allowed me to understand the true nature of his personality flaws and all and encouraged me to challenge him.

Now I am a parent and older and hopefully wiser I think that he was curious about my personality because I was a lot like him. So I think he constantly debated with me to truly understand the nature of our similarities and differences.

Ours wasn’t a classic father and daughter relationship I often gave him negative feedback or disagreed with him but he never tried to tame me.

He’s the reason I fight for what I believe in because he allowed me to be me and taught me that I was powerful beyond comprehension and that my abilities and triumphs would never be contingent on another human being.

I’m not sure if my fierce independence is a blessing or a curse some days but thanks to him I accept it as my path and embrace the inevitable reality of my journey.

7 years gone 0 seconds forgotten!

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