How to write your first book

It is said that everyone has a book inside them but how do you get that book out? Here are my top 10 tips to help you to get the book out of your head and onto the market.


  1. Choose your genre. Is your book going to be fiction or non-fiction? Biographical or autobiographical? Business-based or personal? Think carefully about which market you want to get involved in.
  2. Choose your subject. Although the saying is that we all have a book inside us most of us have lots of opinions and thoughts that might make a good book. Write down all your thoughts and see if they fit into a wider topic or if not choose the topic that means the most to you or that you know the most about.
  3. Create a book plan. I love using spidergrams to help me think of the various parts and chapters for the book
  4. Create targets. Although writing is a creative process, it still requires some process. I like to create targets for the number of words that I will put in each chapter. It makes your writing more disciplined and helps you to track and monitor our progress. Note the average number of words in a book is 80000.
  5. Prepare a timetable. Now that you know what you want to achieve you should decide when you want to achieve it by. If you have a fixed date in mind for when you want your book to be completed, then you should use that date and work backwards to establish how much writing you need to do per week and even per day if that works for you.
  6. So now you’ve got your plan start writing. Sometimes you’ll get writer’s block, and sometimes the words will flow. Try to go with the flow and don’t be too tough for on yourself.
  7. Find a writing buddy, coach or accountability partner. Basically, someone who can help you stick to deadlines, bounce ideas off and keep you sane.
  8. By now you’ve finished your book, and it’s time to think of a title. Or maybe you have your title already, and you just need to confirm that it fits with your final product
  9. Once you’ve written your book and chosen a title, you’ll need a cover. Think about whether you want an image, will it have text? For royalty-free images, you can go to com. If design isn’t your thing, you can employ a graphic designer via traditional means, or through the global marketplace, Fiverr.comor some publishing platforms have an integrated design function that you can use.
  10. Now it’s time to get published. There are lots of ways to get published. You can send extracts of your book to traditional publishing houses or use publishing platforms by Amazon or Apple such as CreateSpace or iTunes.

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