My 5 Birthday Gifts

Today is the beginning of my new year and to celebrate I want to share five gifts. 

For you: if you’re reading this post then firstly thank you. Over the past year I’ve learnt so much from my followers through open dialogue, shared posts and content. So as a thank you I want to give you access to some resources to help you clarify your new year journey. Go to

For me: Today and always I give myself permission to shape my life both professional and personal in a way that is true and authentic to my values. Sometimes it’s hard to find your place in this big old world but today and forever more I intend to embrace the discomfort of being different and unique. 

For my children: I gift you with legacy. I’m building businesses with social purpose to create a legacy that is positive, empowering and generous. Many people don’t know that through all my business ventures and in my personal life I support social causes usually linked to women and children. 

For my friends and family: I give you time. As an entrepreneur it can be easy to get sucked into working all the hours possible on a daily basis. So it’s been empowering to begin setting my hours in a way that enables me to socialise and be present with my friends and family. 

For my ancestors: I’m descended from African slaves, Indian indentured labourers and Indigenous Guyanese people. My ancestors were stolen, tricked and disenfranchised but despite the discomfort of these legacies I choose to remember their spirit and determination as they fought for freedom, independence and recognition. Because of them, I am and therefore I have a responsibility to use all the gifts they gave me to make my world a better place for successive generations. For them I live I don’t just exist.

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