The Personal Development Programme is designed for people who want to take a holistic approach to their coaching journey.  In essence, this is a life-coaching programme and enables you to consider your whole life and then work on the areas where you would most like to make progress.

A popular choice with clients this programme enables you to change focus between sessions and access the widest range of support.  Developed from the premise that all aspects of your life are interconnected this programme is of great benefit to clients.

Roianne uses her vast array of life experiences to help make her a great coach in this area adopting an open and non-judgemental approach where her humility and honesty beguiles clients and puts them at ease.  Due to her open nature, she has earned the nickname of the Imperfect Life Coach, and you can read more about this in her blog of the same name.  Whatever combination of topics you want to focus on Roianne can help you.

The Personal Development Programme consists of:

  • Six virtual coaching sessions over six months
  • Access to the dedicated email helpline for coaching queries
  • A monthly newsletter tailored to your coaching journey
  • A copy of either The Cracked Cocoon or the Cracked Cocoon Principles self-help books
  • A personalised wheel of life

Session topics could include but are not limited to:

  • All about you
  • The wheel of life – assessing and identifying challenges
  • Identifying and articulating goals and aspirations
  • Love and relationships
  • Career development or change
  • Confidence building
  • Managing difficult relationships

All programmes end with a summary and consolidation session to ensure that clients have a clear personal action plan.

To sign up for this programme complete this simple registration form and check out our simple pricing structure and latest offers here.