Helping people to unlock their potential is a passion of Roianne and all the people whom she works with via including her support team and the consultants and experts that she engages to help her to add value to her services.

And, it is because of this passion and desire to help people that Roianne also offers this free resource page to help people who want to help themselves.

All the resources on this page can help you to embark on a journey of self-discovery whether as a transitional step before engaging the services of a coach or to manage the process on your own through ten simple steps:

Identify your starting point.  To make progress, you must know where you are right at this very moment.  To do this, we want you to get to know yourself. 

Step 1 – What defines you?  A straightforward way to understand who you are is to identify your values.  Access “You and Your Values” article.

Step 2 – Complete a wheel of life or the Change Inventory exercise

Step 3 – Prioritise what you want to change.

Start the Change Process. Now you know what you want to focus on you need to consider how your journey will unfold.  It is time to start making plans.

Step 4 – Write down your goals.  It is not good enough to have your goals in your head.  You need to explicitly state in writing what you want to achieve.

Step 5 – Create a plan based on your goal.

Step 6 – Take the first action.

Manage the change processNo change process can progress unless it is actively managed.  Success comes from hard work, not coincidence.

Step 7 – Critically assess your capability.

Step 8 – Identify an accountability partner.

Step 9 – Create a review schedule.

Step 10 – Make the change

Recommended Reading

The Cracked Cocoon Self Help Workbook by Roianne Nedd – a straightforward book that helps the reader to manage their personal change process

Coaching for Performance by John Whitmore – A great introduction to the world of coaching including simple tools and techniques for coaching success


How to choose a Life Coach – Top tips to help you choose your coach

Additional information and resources about each of our coaching programmes are available at