Stepping into “Brand Roianne”

The process of creating a website and brand that is solely focused on who I am has been a long and tumultuous journey.

So many times, I didn’t like myself, wasn’t sure I had any value to share and wasn’t sure whether anyone could learn from me but then I found purpose.

My purpose is to amplify the voices of women everywhere and how could I ignore my own voice? So, step one was to tune in, listen to and amplify my voice.

This process meant I had to intensely scrutinise my past decisions, my past actions and my past transgressions. I had to accept, bless and make peace with myself.

A few years ago, I would have bravely said that I loved myself, but it was all a facade. I was and still am my most fierce critic, but I am also the keeper of my soul and my being and with that comes great responsibility.

I will never again be encumbered by the shackles of self-loathing and self-consciousness. I learnt not so long ago that self-awareness is essential, but self-consciousness can stop you in your tracks and make you extremely ineffective.

So, as I Cracked my Cocoon and stepped out of my comfort zone and into brand Roianne I learnt three vital lessons:

  • You only have one life to live. If you spend it navel gazing you’ll miss the splendour of the world as it passes you by. Head up, eyes front!
  • There are many people waiting to criticise and ridicule your errors and omissions. Don’t be one of them. Learn from your mistakes but don’t focus on them and get lost in the negativity. Onwards and upwards
  • For every negative person in your life, there are at least two people rooting for you or wishing that they were Whether vocally or. Of more people are excited, inspired and humbled by your journey. If you can’t do it for you, then do it for all those people who believe in you as a role model/.

And so brand Roianne Nedd was born!


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