The Trusted Black Girl – Part 2

In my original, The Trusted Black Girl post I discussed my forthcoming book that will examine the experiences of Black women in the UK workplace via a range of stereotypical personas.  As a reminder the personas are:

  • The Trusted Black Girl – Someone who is often told that people “forget” that they are Black
  • The Not-Black Girl – Someone who is devoid of obvious cultural markers that denote any culture apart from “Britishness”
  • The Exotic Black Girl – A woman who appears culturally ambiguous, due to hair or skin tone usually
  • The Too Black Girl – Someone who wears “traditional” or “ethnic” clothing and usually has a natural hairstyle that colleagues will comment on repeatedly
  • The Angry Black Girl – The stereotypical aggressive Black woman
  • The Tired Black Girl – A brow-beaten woman who no longer fights against the “system”
  • The Workaholic Black Girl – Always putting in the extra work, doing double what everyone else does for half the reward and very little recognition constantly hoping that your hard work will “speak for itself”

As part of the Trusted Black Girl Book, we are encouraging Black women to consider whether they have ever been stereotyped into a particular “black girl persona” to help us to answer that question I developed the Black Girl Barometer.  Tick every statement that someone has said directly to you or you have said to yourself in the workplace to find out if you have a dominant persona. Download the barometer now The Black Girl Barometer

If you or someone you know is interested in contributing to the book there are 3 ways for you to contribute:

  1. Submit a case study of up to 450 words sharing your experiences of being pigeon-holed into one of the Trusted Black Girl personas at work (UK workplaces)
  2. Submit an essay of up to 800 words about Black women.  This can be any topic that impacts Black women including societal issues and those that stretch beyond the workplace.
  3. Submit a quote or short anecdote that can be included in the book

So which Black Girl are you? Share via comments or email me your results or to contribute

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    1. Thanks very much Cara. Please do keep in touch so that I can keep you updated about publication dates etc

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