This year Roianne is working in partnership to bring her new book project to life.  This project titled The BLK Box, explores the experiences of Black people in the UK workplace.  Building on the narrative she framed in the Trusted Black Girl, this book will bring to life the real-life experiences that occur when someone ticks the box to identify themselves as Black.

The project team is seeking contributions in the form of essays and quotes and would love to hear from you.  If you have an opinion or a story to share please do share here 

In 2018 Roianne launched The Trusted Black Girl which focuses on the experiences of Black women in the UK workplace as well as the stereotypical boxes that they are placed in.  Focusing on the 9 personas that Black women find themselves stereotyped as the book provides inclusive leadership nudges and tips.

Aimed at HR professionals, D&I Practitioners and Leaders of all ethnicities this book is an honest account of some of the shared experiences of Black women.

The Personas 

  • The Trusted Black Girl
  • The Not Black Girl
  • The Exotic Black Girl
  • The Too Black Girl
  • The Angry Black Girl
  • The Tired Black Girl
  • The Workaholic Black Girl
  • The ? Black Girl
  • The Successful Woman

To find out more about the Trusted Black Girl see the book review or to grab a signed copy go to The Trusted Black Girl website.