Roianne’s latest book TheTrusted Black Girl focuses on the experiences of Black women in the UK workplace as well as the stereotypical boxes that they are placed in.  Focusing on the 9 personas that Black women find themselves stereotyped as the book provides inclusive leadership nudges and tips.

Aimed at HR professionals, D&I Practitioners and Leaders of all ethnicities this book is an honest account of some of the shared experiences of Black women.

The Personas 

  • The Trusted Black Girl
  • The Not Black Girl
  • The Exotic Black Girl
  • The Too Black Girl
  • The Angry Black Girl
  • The Tired Black Girl
  • The Workaholic Black Girl
  • The ? Black Girl
  • The Successful Woman

To find out more about the Trusted Black Girl see the book review or to grab a signed copy go to The Trusted Black Girl website.